Wooden Old Stone School Built 1850


The “Wooden” Stone School Association is trying to preserve the school building and the memories contained within for future generations.

The school is located on the corner of Stephenson Road and North Hawkins Highway in Cambridge Township, Onsted, Michigan.  The school was built in 1850 by Reverend Robert Wooden, who was concerned about the importance of education.

Class were held on the property from 1837 to 1955.  Michigan became a state in 1837.

One June 19, 1979 it was designated a state historic sight. It is believed to be the oldest remaining one room school building standing inside Lenawee  County on original site that can still be used for educational purposes.  we also know of no other one room school building left in Michigan older than the “Wooden” Old Stone School.




Our Goal is to restore the stone work by 2020

If the building is left to decay and fall down, a little bit of something inside all of us will be gone forever.  We must save this for our children and their children to show them how we were brought up to respect our heritage.  The 3R’s once stood for reading, riting and rithmetic.  They now stand for retain, restore and respect.

September of 2018 the roofing project was completed.